Comboseal Plus

High performance LED high bay luminaires


  • Ingress Protection Rating IP66
  • LED
  • CE Marked
  • D-marked (dust, maximum surface temperature 90°C (horizontal) / 150°C (vertical)
  • LUX Guard
  • Energy saving Smart versions available

The Comboseal Plus is a high efficiency, IP66, circular LED luminaire for high and low bay applications, designed to be used as a direct replacement for traditional single point suspended discharge luminaires up to 400W.

The Comboseal Plus is available in 171W, 251W and 326W with broad or narrow distribution capable of producing over 44,000 lumens of white light, with colour rendition greater than 80 CRI.

Applications: general industrial areas, manufacturing, food processing, leisure centres, high level racking aisles, retail and commercial areas.

Made in the UK

Comboseal Range