Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Gloucester, United Kingdom

Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust includes Gloucestershire Royal Hospital, Cheltenham General Hospital and Stroud Maternity Unit employing around 8,000 people, providing care for the population of Gloucestershire and beyond. Through a PFI (Private Finance Initiative) the Trust has been able to modernise hospital buildings and transform services. Working with Apleona, the FM provider, Thorlux recommended installing the SmartScan wireless emergency lighting system.



The previous system at Gloucester Royal Hospital was a wired auto test system which was riddled with failures causing them a maintenance and compliance nightmare. The logistics required in testing the emergency lighting in order to conform to legislation had become increasingly difficult, this is where Thorlux was able to offer a solution.


What makes SmartScan an attractive option from the hospital’s point of view is the accessibility of information. 600 emergency luminaires are wirelessly linked into 5 SmartScan Gateways which collect and transmit their status information to the World Wide Web for viewing using tablets, smart-phones, laptops and computers. The SmartScan Gateways provide daily uploads of the system status to the website. Secure access allows the user to view full luminaire status of the whole installation, individual groups of luminaires or individual control gear items within a luminaire. The website provides an easy to read visual reference highlighting the following:

  • Lamp status in emergency operation
  • Number of hours that a lamp has operated from the battery
  • Integral battery is connected and charging
  • Result of the last monthly function test and the date of the next scheduled test
  • Result of the last annual duration test and the date of the next scheduled test
  • Emergency lighting testing schedules

Another key benefit of SmartScan for the estates team at the hospital is its ease of installation, particularly in retro-fit situations. SmartScan uses the latest wireless mesh technology to replace wired communications signals between each luminaire. 868MHz secure radio communication offers excellent transmission distance within buildings with each luminaire acting as a wireless node to repeat commands on to the next luminaire. This provides a robust system that will always find a communication path.



SmartScan - A new era of lighting controls and monitoring
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