Tyke-H 870

LED emergency luminaires for recessed mounting


The 4W TYKH870 has been specifically designed for use on projects that require high mounted emergency lighting such as Atrium’s. The head contains an additional lens for this application and produces in excess of 500lms, providing 10.8 Lux at mounting heights up to 8 metres. Like the TYKT870 it is driven at a higher current than the standard TYKE860 and uses a high performance LED chip.

Like all members of the TYKE family the TYKH is supplied as a single assembly and fits discreetly through a minimal cut-out with the head on a flexible lead. The driver and the batteries are compactly contained in an articulated enclosure.

Made in the UK ISO 9001 Emergency Lighting Kitemark Automatic Test Systems Kitemark Abu Dhabi Civil Defense General Directorate
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