Data Centre

England, United Kingdom

Technology changes in recent years have led to a rapid increase
in the number and size of Data Centres. Smart-phones, online shopping,
cloud-technology and social media are just some of the developments
which have led to this growth. From a lighting perspective, Data Centres
can present unique challenges.

The Challenge

Data centres use lots of energy, and it is difficult to achieve energy savings
from the major loads such as servers and the air conditioning chillers.
Lighting is one area where savings can be achieved.
The Thorlux approach is to use long life, highly efficient luminaires
coupled with Smart lighting systems, to extend maintenance
periods and reduce running costs.

The Solution

The data centre lighting refurbishment was undertaken to promote energy
efficiency, increase lighting levels and to provide increased user control of the

  • Movement Sensing
    Each row of luminaires is connected via Motionline technology to ensure that only
    areas in use are illuminated, maximising energy saving. Certain luminaires on main
    walkways are set to dim upon absence but not switch off; this security setting
    provides a safe and secure working environment. Presence detection provides
    an average saving of 95% due to very low occupancy patterns.

  • Maintained Illuminance
    Each luminaire dims itself independently depending upon the light level underneath
    it. Due to the nature of work taking place the maintained light level is set at 250 Lux,
    with a design potential of 500 Lux when required for service activity. Maintained
    illuminance saves 40% energy on average.

  • User control
    Each row is controlled by a Thorlux Smart Touch scene setting plate, allowing
    complete user override of each aisle. Once vacated the area reverts to automatic
    operation, saving energy.

The original lighting load was reduced by 39% due to
the increased efficiency of LED technology. The combined
presence detection and maintained illuminance of the
Smart system provided a further saving from controls
of 97%, a total saving of 98%.

98 %

Energy saving


140,445kg CO2

Products Used

SmartScan - A new era of lighting controls and monitoring
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